Back to Normal

Hey there dear readers. First, an apology is due. The past few weeks have been absolutely mad, between finals week, moving back home from college, and starting my new job. So, my apologies for being away so long.

Now, let’s get into normal. What is normal? Well, over the years, I’ve learned that normal is different for every single person. But what is my normal? That, my dear readers, is something that I have yet to learn.

I can remember a time when I felt carefree and light. That is what I am currently striving for. I strive to be as full of ease and comfort in my everyday surroundings as I was back then. That was before I started caring too much about what others thought of me, and putting too much pressure on myself to live up to the expectations of everyone, regardless of the different directions I was being pulled in. That seems to me like it’s how one’s whole life ought to be.

I honestly don’t know if that’s normal or not, but to me, that’s the time in my life when I was happiest. Now, I realize that as an adult, that isn’t necessarily something I may be able to replicate perfectly, but I believe I can reach some version of it. So, dear readers, do not think me naïve for attempting to obtain a goal that isn’t realistic.

Now. How to get there….


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