depression · healing

The garden of life

Dear readers, I consider this path of mine not unlike a garden of stepping stones. I would compare it more to hurdles on a track, but I really don’t enjoy sports. Gardens are so much more calming. Each stone is a new and better me. Seems pretty easy right? What the gardener doesn’t tell you about the garden is that each stone comes with it’s own outside challenge.

The first few stones are always the hardest. The first stone for me was talking to someone. The second stone was to make the doctors appointment. The third and fourth were the actual doctors visit, and picking up my prescription after. If these stones of mine were in the garden, think of it this way. The very first stone would be a leap just big enough to where you don’t know if you can make it. If you miss, there are sharp rocks, bubbling lava, and prickling cacti in the way of your landing.

The next few stones would be similar, maybe slightly closer but surrounded by sharp thorn bushes and burning coals. As you walk through the garden, things slowly get easier, until the end. By the end of the garden, things are settled. Just as in life, things are settled. The stones are perfect stepping distance. They are smooth, so you have no risk of tripping. There may be fragrant flowers all around and a bubbling little stream running alongside. There are swinging benches to stop off at if you get tired.

Now, make no mistake, thinks won’t be perfect, but in comparison to where you started, dear reader, the last few stones are a breezy walk in the park. While the first few may not be done, it’s what you can see ahead that drives you to keep going.


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